vitamin B9 is for human body

Cancer: Vitamin B9 is considered to be an essential component for reducing the occurrence of cancer in the human body. It helps eradicate the chances of cancer in various forms, including cervical cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. Thus, it is recommended by doctors to include this vitamin in sufficient amounts in your daily diet plan.

Pregnancy and Birth Defects: Vitamin B9 is a reliable resource for limiting defects during pregnancy and the birth of a child. It is a common situation that pregnant women maintaining a diet deficient of this vitamin are far less likely to deliver a healthy child. The birth defects caused by its deficiency include neural tube defects. Thus, Vitamin B9 effectively improves the chances of giving birth to a healthy, happy child.

Building Muscles: Vitamin B9 is considered to be a muscle building component, since it helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissues.

Cell Enhancement: Vitamin B9 is an essential element in the formation of red blood cells. Also, this vitamin is a significant contributor for building and repairing skin cells in human body. The cells found in the small intestine lining are also fabricated from this vitamin. Vitamin B9 is also responsible for replacing old cells with new ones, keeping our body fresh and new.

Coenzyme: Vitamin B9 is considered as a coenzyme, which effectively works in association with enzymes to perform the most desirable and important activities of the body, like the synthesis of DNA.

Hemoglobin Formation: Vitamin B9 is responsible for improving the level of hemoglobin in human body. Hemoglobin is an essential component that helps in the transfer of oxygen to cells and organ systems that need it to function properly. This can boose energy levels and increase metabolic efficiency.

Mental and Emotional Disorders: Vitamin B9 is helpful in treating various mental and emotional disorders. For instance, it is helpful in treating anxiety and depression, which are two of the most common mental health problems suffered by people in today’s modern world.


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